Not all weed is created equal, and all forms of weed consumption definitely aren’t either. That goes to say, some ways of consuming weed are way louder than others.

By “loud,” we mean stinky. Putting a flame directly in contact with the plant isn’t the most discreet way to go about things, but thankfully, there are plenty of different ways to get high based on how much aroma you want to put off.

If you rent or you’re in a non-recreational state, a landlord might not be cool with smoking indoors or the smell of dank. Or maybe you’re in public and want to keep your consumption lowkey and/or respectful to people who don’t enjoy the plant.

For any of these situations, we put together a chart on which forms of weed consumption are the least stinky (quietest) and the most stinky (loudest).

Spliffs take the cake for being the loudest because they’re wrapped in tobacco and contain tobacco. Joints aren’t far behind, but did you know dabs smell less than hitting a bong?

Whatever situation you find yourself in, there’s a weed consumption method to fit it. And if you do find yourself smelling like weed, here are some tips on how to get rid of the smell.

(Elysse Feigenblatt for Leafly)

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